Welcome to Cypress Point Country Club

CYPT is a semi-private golf club featuring an 18 hole championship golf course designed by Thomas Clark. 

The course is nestled in a quiet, out of the way, golf-club community adjoining Lake Lawson and Lake Smith. We are open to the public, and would love to have you as our guest. The Club features a Grill/Resaurant, as well as a venue for full-service private events, banquets, and corporate outings.

Non-Member Tee Times

Dress Code Policy - effective April 1, 2018 

Men, Women, Juniors, Children
The following is NOT appropriate golf attire:
Tank Tops, T-shirts, Denim/Jeans, Tube Tops, Cut-Offs, Workout Attire
Appropriate golf attire required on the golf course at all times.


Pool is closed at noon 07//06/18. It will return to regular operating hours tomorrow.

I would like your help
I hope we all agree that the golf course is rounding into shape, and that Robbie Rasmussen, our Superintendent, and his crew are doing a great job! To keep the course in top condition, I need your help in one area: Push/Pull Carts
For clarification, the following are the rules for using Push/Pull Carts:


  • Please keep the carts on the cart paths around the tees and greens where possible. NEVER for any reason, drag or push a cart across the tee tops, or down the side of the tee.
  • ALWAYS keep the carts at least 30 feet (10 yards) from the green surface, and NEVER drag or pull a cart between the putting surface and a Bunker. While this may be the easiest route, it is also the route taken by most and creates a wear path and unnecessary stress on the turf.
  • Please use the cart path when going from the 9th green to the 10th tee, and from the 18th green to the club house. We would like to keep the sidewalk clear of cart traffic.

Thank you for your help with this. Everyone I have spoken with is walking for the exercise, so a few extra steps are a good thing! And since it helps keep the course in great shape, it’s a positive for us all.
Thank you for your cooperation,
Keith King, PGA



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